We are a 100% Mexican company with 15 years in electronic commerce and more than 30 years of experience in international commerce. We are a leading company selling high quality electronics and appliances. Our products are stylish, safe and easy to use, designed to make today's lifestyle simpler and healthier. Our work team is made up of highly qualified personnel who understand the needs of the market and its needs. That is why today we are expanding our presence in the American markets, making our products reach both distributors and the final consumer. Additionally, we have a structure that allows us to provide reverse logistics services with well-known brand products at competitive prices.


At any moment in the professional life, we all have imagined of creating alliances that achieve the best result upon joining forces (synergy/win-win). In the same form, we have realized that it is a hard objective to achieve when the parts involved intend to have one of them win, thus making the other the loser (sum zero / lose-lose).

If we want to achieve these goals it is necessary to think about synergy that must exist between the different departments that total the organization. This can only be acquired when we incorporate the alternatives that each one can offer, and we find the one that includes the most complete “Zinergia effect”, the one that guarantees a superior result both for the enterprise as well as all its clients.

The next step is to start approaching and generating strategic alliances with our commercial partners, suppliers, clients and associates, with the goal of defining a zone of common interest, under a scheme of win-win collaboration. This vision will allow us to know potential clients, increase the enterprise’s visibility and have enough resources to deal with variations in the national and global economy.

Jerónimo García

General Director

Zinergia Corporativo Polanco